Pre-historical giants have “invaded” the Zoo of São Paulo

A slice of the Atlantic Forest in the zoo of São Paulo is inhabited by enormous dinosaurs. Yes, Mesozoic animals sharing the environment with modern animals from the Cenozoic Era.

Tyrannosaurus Rex, pterodactils, Mamenchisaurus and others are terribly close, having their grunts and breathings heard and enabling you to experience for a few moments the routine of these pre-historical animals that arise so much curiosity up to this day.

Such an experience, once difficult to be lived outside the big screen, is now possible at the zoo of São Paulo. Located at Alameda Lobo, close to the Cultural Arena and the Abaré Space, is set the exhibit “The World of the Dinosaurs”, the most incredible and technological ever to come to Brazil.

There are more than 20 life-size robotic dinosaurs in an area bigger than 3.000 square meters, amidst the nature, just like the one in which they lived 65 million years ago, when they were extinct. The dinosaurs are positioned in the middle of the zoo’s Atlantic Forest, the same place where, due to the environmental preservation, many free-life species such as toucans, woodpeckers, thrushs, armadillos, monkeys, sloths and lizards inhabit. There are animals as tall as 26 feet high and as long as 82 feet of length being exhibited. There are also replicas of fossils.

Researches show that the dinosaurs inhabited the Earth 220 million years ago. In Brazil, there are vestiges of them in Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Ceará, Goiás, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso, but now they are in the capital of São Paulo State in a real and interactive experience, for the first time in the country, using parts of a natural forest, not represented anymore.

The exhibit that will be presented to the public at open air is considered an adventure that breaks concepts, transforming mere visitors into real Mesozoic explorers. Children, young people, adults or even seniors will love the magical experience of touching, hearing, seeing and feeling the pre-historical monsters.

The visit starts inside the zoo, in an area isolated from other animals, giving those who opt for the pre-historical tour a feeling closer to the Jurassic atmosphere. There is still a 4D cinema for the visitors.

The tickets at the box office of The World of the Dinosaurs is available only for the zoo’s visitors.

Visiting only the exhibit is not allowed.



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